Arogya Sanjeevani

Arogya Sanjeevani


The policy covers anyone between 3 months and 65 years with a variable sum insured up to 10 lakhs. Arogya Sanjeevani Policy comes with several advantages such as covering all day care procedures, lifelong renewals, cumulative bonus, Cataract treatment and Ayush Treatment up to the limit of sum insured.


  • Any person aged between 3 Months and 65 years can take this insurance. Thereafter only renewals will be accepted without capping on the exit age
  • Lifelong Renewal

Policy Term : 1 Year

Sum Insured Basis :

Individual and Floater Basis ¶ Sum Insured Options 0.5 lakh 1.0 lakh, 1.5 lakhs, 2.0 lakhs, 2.5 lakhs, 3.0 lakhs, 3.5 lakhs, 4.0 lakhs, 4.5 lakhs, 5.0 lakhs, 5.5 lakhs, 6.0 lakhs, 6.5 lakhs, 7.0 lakhs, 7.5 lakhs, 8.0 lakhs, 8.5 lakhs, 9.0 lakhs, 9.5 lakhs, 10.0 lakhs ¶ Instalment Facility available: Premium can be paid Quarterly and Half-yearly. Premium can also be paid Annually. For instalment mode of payment there will be loading as given below; Quarterly - 3% | Half-year - 2% ¶ Pre-acceptance medical screening: Persons above 50 years of age will have to undergo pre-acceptance health screening at the company`s nominated centres ¶ Day Care Procedures: All Day Care Procedures are covered.


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